AUD/USD: Solid buying interest still reported near 1.0225

I’m hearing from a few local banks that the corporate and Sovereign bids are still in place near 1.0225. Even though the AUD still looks very heavy, especially on the crosses, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of value in chasing it lower from current levels.

  1. Mainly AUD/NZD selling interest at moment one dealer just told me, and that seems to be pressuring AUD/USD. Not much bounce so far so I would expect a test of 10225 sometime fairly soon

  2. Greetings Sean.. in regards to options – would you be able to explain a bit about them please in relation to how they work? I notice that there is an option on the Aud/Usd at 10250 (re forexlive) 10gmt today, so does the price have to reach that again by 10gmt or not? I thought once they hit that price they expired. Maybe if you have time you could do a piece in the members section on them. would be greatly appreciated, thanks

  3. Hi Vivien, there is one piece already in the members from James Kalaf, ex Citi bank options desk and he explains many of the finer details.
    There is a big difference between option expiries and barriers. Say a client has an option to buy 100 mio AUD/USD at 10250 expiring tonight. If the price is above there, he will sell spot and then exercise the option. If price falls he will buy back in spot mkt.
    Exotic options like barriers cease to exist when the lvl is breached; they are more like one-off bets

  4. Thanks Sean, I did see the piece in the members section after I wrote to you, but couldn’t access it.. could you check the path to it again please.

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