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AUD/USD: Short-term support forming but resistance line also clear

The short-term levels to watch in the AUD/USD are pretty clear (see chart) with support now forming near .9220 and resistance lines clear at .9260. A clean break either side should be good for a quick 40/50 pip move.

  1. Hi Sean, how do u thing we shall play CHF? i’m long EURCHF from 1.2320 with a little bit leverage (not so little). u do u think, it possible to see it up again? we have the 200 mva daily who supported all the attempts to it. Thank u so much

  2. Hi, Sean, could you please have a look on GBPNZD? I caught the panda at 2.0 again, but just a no brain trade, really do not not where it will go from here……Thank you!

  3. Hi Cozmin, you are a glutton for punishment 🙂 I think we will see all levels plenty of times in EUR/CHF as we will stay in range trade mode. You will need to be very patient and disciplined and wait for correct entry levels. S/T looks like 122/1235 so I think you might be in at wrong level. Best get out on rallies back to yur entry and then buy deeper dips. Remember 90% of traders time is spent waiting

  4. Hi Yue, this was such a beautiful basing set-up few months back! At moment I would prefer the short position from risk-reward side. If it stays below 20100 roughly then we could see a deep dip towards 19100, over a period of weeks of course. Long term this goes higher again I think but I certainly would not buy at current levels.

  5. Ok, I’ll keep the position and look to add if it failed to break out. With your help, I confirm the panda would not escape again, haha……Thanks a lot to you and FXWW303 and FXWW888! Have a great weekend!

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