AUD,NZD/Technical Analysis

AUD/USD: Short-term resistance levels looming

There is some short-term resistance looming at .9695/.9705. Next resistance above there is now at .9775.

  1. Greetings, Sean! COT – speculators occupy a net short position on the Aussie, which itself was the first time since June 2012, and the level positions they record since 1993. Reports from a week ago of course. I had bought 9552 and hold long Sean, good luck to you!

  2. I am so lost for a theme in the market right now. It vaguely resembles the ‘much reviled and now buried’ Risk-off theme. USD is weakening, JPY strenghtening probably on IR differentials, Aussie cracked but Kiwi holding better! Euro is still at Cyprus levels despite continuously weak sentiment, data and FED taper talk.

    Frankly, just lost here for want of a theme for these moves. It helps the story, and haphazard moves have much more risk.

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