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AUD/USD: Running into very solid bids but no big bounce yet

The bears are smelling more bull-blood as they try to nullify a barrier option at .9150. There have been 3 brief attempts so far, all with lows near .9153, but the protector (rumoured to look a bit like a giant panda) is holding firm. In for a penny; I’ve increased my long position at .9160 with a fairly tight stop still below .9120.

  1. Hi Sean, Thanks for your ideas. always they give me the green pips 😉 since I read your analysis on Aud/Jpy I have been waiting for a decent retracement especially when i saw the hammer on daily . I had the chance today after i saw the 4Hr close to enter 2-middle size positions at pivot point 90.00 with a SL at 89.56 , Do you think a 92.5 would be a reasonable Target or more aggresively at 95 . ??

  2. Sorry Tim, missed your comment earlier. I’d say try to stay on this pair if/when it takes off. I think you could see 95 but not in a straight line. My default reaction is always to book some profits after a quick 300 pip move, so if we get one of those, don’t look the gift horse in the mouth 🙂 Then you can always look to re-load on dips.

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