AUD/USD: Reasonably orderly compared with EUR/USD! Look to book profits .9325/40

Certainly the size of short positions in the AUD/USD hasn’t been as big as in EUR/USD, judging by the reactions of both pairs to the FOMC statement. AUD/JPY could still be an important player today with jobs data and the BOJ upcoming, so I am looking to booking profits on AUD/USD longs to .9325/40, hoping for a pull-back towards .9200 from there?

As for EUR/USD? It could see 1.3300 before it slows down but will be a great short-term selling opportunity up there somewhere!

  1. Hello Sean, mammoth rally I should say in euro/usd. But this looks all the more silly when we see what dragging said, whats happening in Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal. I do not see why the rally in Eur/aud when what Bernanke said should not have affected this pair at all. Your comments on Eur/aud

  2. Sean I had a good position in aud/usd just to get stopped out for 50 pips by the fomc minutes and from my buying position also it has rallied 100 pips. just one of those days where I am furious at myself for keeping a tight stop. suggest me what to do in aud/usd?

  3. Unlucky there Nachiket, happens to all of us, just forget about it and move on. I think we will range trade 9150/9350 for while but USD bull move is over so buying dips definitely preferred.

  4. Hi Schubes, top in place at 144 for now and more likely to retrace towards 135ish. BUT it will be choppy so play near edges of 137/143 range. Getting close to sell zone again imho at current levels 142ish

  5. Thanks, Sean. Got a limit in there. Let’s see if the ECB has an emergency jawbone this evening to out-dove Bernanke (just like they did with Carney and UK manufacturing).

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