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AUD/USD: Range trading favoured

  • The return of large EUR/AUD buying was very interesting and we have to wait and see whether this was a one-off event or not.
  • AUD/JPY remains heavy but the lack to follow-through below 89.90 suggests that yesterday’s selling was a stop-loss hunt primarily (I knew I’d hit the low 🙁 ).
  • Sovereign names, including big central banks, as well as real money funds were noted buyers of AUD/USD starting at .9500.
  • The technical picture remains bearish but further sideways consolidation roughly between .9430/.9600 looks likely.

Unless we get some last minute positional adjustment pre-FOMC, we can expect a fairly quiet session I think. I’ve got no strong views at the moment.

  1. Sean, don’t feel so bad about getting stopped out. I was long too from 90.30 and stopped out at 89,84. i”m presently short again given how there was a lack of follow through. I would like to see 89.90 taken out cleanly and see the low of 88.90 tested again before maybe switching to a long position.

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