AUD,NZD/Flows and Orders

AUD/USD orders: Mixed reports on order front

Sell orders reported 1.0530/35 and again 1.0545/50 but also reports of stops above 1.0535.

  1. Stops going off at moment, glad I’m not trying to pick the top of this one. Might be worth selling a silly rally in AUD/JPY over next few days?? Dangerous but…

  2. i rarely trade Aud but this move atracted my attention .. i think we almost hit the top by now ?? look at the falling wedge (i drew the line from 24/7/2011 week top) hmm.. interesting

  3. thandks sean lee i went long on aud 1.0507 and woke up with good profit and sold from top got some extra tea money . i learnt from you .thanks alot always keep in touch

  4. seems a nice chance to sell once we have a nice resistance at 1.0590 from february daily chart. big deal of the year, i think

  5. @Daniel …. is it a wedge or a triangle? IMHO its been hanging around near to this resis region for a long time now and AUD has a bad habit of trying levels 3 times before making its mind up. This could be the third knock on the door that gets up through 1.06 and then the mkt will really fall in love with the aussie again

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