AUD/USD off lows after China CPI data and CNY fix

China’s CPI came in bang on expectations at +1.9% YoY and a little while before that, the PBOC fixed the USD/CNY mid-rate at 6.3110, down from 6.3260 on Friday. The AUD/USD has popped up 20 pips off its earlier lows at 1.0200 and USD/SGD has backed off it’s intraday highs at 1.2240.

  1. If I am not wrong this low was formed after the data came in. so clearly it reacted negatively to the data. not sure how long we are going to see this boring range in the aussie. after rba its 2 weeks now and aussie has moved between 1.0160-1.0375. 215 pips for 10 sessions

  2. Actually this is supposed to be the most active part of the trading year 🙂

    I guess some traders are playing online poker, others have left the industry to become monks, others are sinking in alcohol…and the real ones are accumulating pain, in order to follow the next volatility explosion.

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