AUD,NZD/Flows and Orders

AUD/USD, NZD/USD opening near important levels

  • Sovereign bids toward .9800 held the AUD/USD up overnight as heavy cross selling re-emerged, but the lack of bounce is very telling! The outlook remains bearish but keep your ammunition dry until we find out more about the size of these bids.
  • NZD/USD has broken marginally below important technical support at .8150 but is fighting to close back above there.
  1. Hi Sean, do u think is better cu reduce the short exposure and retake it over .99? What about eurchf? Looks like bearish at this levels and compared with latest climb at these levels? Many thanks

  2. AUD/USD I’d tend to stick with shorts and reassess if 9900 is retaken. EUR/CHF, you’ve been very patient, hang in there, I don’t think the big bull move has even begun yet. I think we could see 135 but 122 will be the base

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