AUD/USD: Minor victory as .9110 reclaimed

Looks like AUD/JPY demand was the main factor in helping the AUD/USD get back above .9110. I’m sure rallies will still run into heavy sellers but any deep dips towards .9000 will meet with profit taking now that the USD has started to lose some of it’s short-term luster.

  1. What are your thoughts on EUR/AUD here sean? It’s starting to feel like AUD is going to rally against everything. But it continuously gets beat down every time it tries to get anywhere. So who really knows. I do know that recent move up toward 1.44 left a nice wick on the daily chart. Could be considered bearish.

  2. Nice Charles, timing is the only thing that matters! With big macros starting to sell this cross, the recent upmove is surely close to an end and I prefer like you to be in rally-selling mode

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