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AUD/USD: Looking pretty solid mid-way through Asian session

AUD/USD rallied in a straight line form .9150 to .9275 much earlier this morning and the pull-back was limited to around 40 pips. Now we are back near the overnight highs and this pair is headed higher. We should see a test of .9330/50 later on tonight and whilst the first test may hold yet again, I wouldn’t be so sure this time.

The AUD is also looking friendlier on the crosses and with USD/JPY trading with a heavy tone, most indicators are pointing up.

  1. Gday mate

    It’s the summer holiday trades so being flexible, not committed to any particular view.

    Re-longed AUD vs USD (+100) & JPY (+0)…shorted EUR & GBP vs USD & JPY (the 2 USD longs in this latter bag arent doing great but they are outweighed by the other 2 JPY longs by x2)

    I’d like to think the JPY trade has more to come on the Daily Heiken Ashi, though being summer chop chop I’m tempted to run away with the couple of % gains I’ve got atm.

    Hold or fold?

  2. Haha thanks Sean, you helped steel my nerve. I was close to cracking when the market threatened my mental +2% stop. Market moved away, and funny enough the pressure to close the trades disappeared like magic… =P

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