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AUD/USD intraday outlook: Buy dips towards .9170 looking for .9300 re-test

Overall market sentiment is still bearish AUD so I wouldn’t chase it higher just yet, something major would have to change for that to happen. If you’re bullish, look to levels near .9170 to hold and if they do, then you can try a quick long trade for a test of .9300 (see chart).


  1. Hi Sean- I had heard the RBA was ‘perfectly fine’ with the Aussie dollar being even lower in their recent minutes. Do you see it going any lower without another rate cut?

    I was also wanting to ask about the Euro. I have been watching the euro not be able to break below 1.28 and it has been spending most of its time above 1.30 so my theory about all of this is the market is accumilating around this area for a good push up due to the high probability of Angela Merkel being re-elected?

    I was thinking maybe a push from here back up to the high 1.40’s to 1.50 by years end?

    1. Very possible Trader guy. The mkt is bearish EUR/USD and keeps trying to sell it but it doesn’t want to go down. What will happen when some bullish, even slightly bullish news emerges?? Could be 140+ like you say for sure

  2. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for this AUD/USD proposition, I guess if .9170 holds then the S/L should be tight for instance under .9150 so that to get a good R/R. I am tempted…

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