AUD,NZD/Flows and Orders

AUD/USD: Hedge fund sell orders above the market

AUD/USD has benefited today from reasonably decent business confidence data and also decent New Zealand trade data, which has helped drag the AUD/USD from opening levels near 1.0415 to highs above 1.0450.

Hedge fund sell orders are reported starting at 1.0450 through 1.0485. I will update the orders in the members section when anything changes.

  1. How big are these hedge fund sales? I see theres around 20 pip drop from 1.0455 already. Is it worth following these fund sales?

  2. Hi Marco, generally speaking I’d say no. Though if you have a very reliable source (ie ME 🙂 ) and it already fits in with your plans then it’s worthwhile listening to

  3. Shorting AUDUSD makes me feel a bit quesy at the moment, when ever I have thought it couldn’t keep going it has, saying that, I do like this pair when it goes on a rampage and I am waiting for everyone to get carried away with China growth prospects and Iron Ore consumption and push it up to 110!! Then I will be short!

  4. Afternoon Sean! may i link your site to my site? you’ve been more than helpful since i know you back in 2009 and i thank you if you grant my request 🙂

  5. Thanks Sean, since its you, i will go for a small short and hope for the best, although the AUD has been difficult to trade of late.

  6. Wait until 10485 Marco, when all of the sellers have been filled then its most likely to fall imho. But its really still a big range trade so don’t expect too much, 80 pips maybe?? Good luck

  7. Not sure Marco, risk-reward isn’t great but might work? Stopped at 55 first time but usually breaks thru second time so that’s why I’m thinking we may see 70 at least if not 85?? But I’ve been wrong many many times before

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