AUD/USD: Heavy interest both sides of market

  • Large bids are being reported towards .8000 which suggests significant optionality. There will be stops below there but local banks here in Australia seem to be of the opinion that these levels will be tough to breach.
  • Prime brokers are not reporting many topside trailing stops, which is interesting heading into the NFP.

Looks to me that we could get some sideways trading between .8000/.8150 in coming sessions and if you really want to buy the AUD, then preferably on the crosses.

  1. Hi Sean.

    After today pre-FOMC trading, I’d expect certain sideway moves for eur/usd in 1800-2000 area. Am I right, in a couple of days I’d consider to build positional long, starting from succesfull testing of 1820 volume level, that was created by strong market initiative volumes.
    Do the pound outperform the single one right now, I could not tell. It looked weaker last days, dependable. Disregarding of better economy perspectives, comparatively to EZ. As you mentioned, it’s better moves mostly depends on mr. Jordan good mood.
    As for me, I’d try to resell the cross either on 7900 or even 8150.
    But many times I have tried to short another one with aud at 5000. Hopefully, recent one would give a good harvest.

  2. Sorry Sean, if I’d misinterpreted anyone about offers in eur/gbp, as today it showed a good place to short.

    Regarding euro and pound, they turned their possible support areas, that I’d mentioned yesterday, to resistant ones, while the opposite symbol have come to its resistance area as well. I meant DX, that touched his century level arround 92.5. Will this have any sence, we probably understand in a year only.

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