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AUD/USD: Expect range trading on all timeframes

I don’t see a major collapse happening in the AUD anytime soon, especially if the big Sovereign buyers are seen regularly on the bid. I’d expect to see a short-term range between .9700/.9880 and maybe even .9965 on a stretch. Medium term we should stay in a 700 pip range between .9500 and 1.0200 and I just don’t think that enough has changed in the AUD or the USD to drive it out of its range trading bias.

  1. Hi Jasper, Well that’s been the perfect range trade for last 2 weeks so I think we maybe have missed that boat? Markets just don’t like to be locked in for a long time so I’d say it will break out pretty soon??

  2. Hi, Sean, I followed your idea to long AUDJPY around 99.7, now still hold it or book the profit and look to sell rally? Thank you!

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