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AUD/USD: Decent bids holding for now but interbank dealers still bearish

The local interbank dealers are uniformly bearish on AUD/USD this morning and say it’s only a matter of hours before we see an 88 handle on it. There has been one decent buyer this morning between .8925/50, buying clips of 50/100 every 5 pips, and they have managed to hold it up so far.

  1. I thought that the 0.9 level should have been tested and rejected once again last night and the 3rd attempt to break it would be successful sometime in future. But it was not the case. If the consolidation below .93 in the past few weeks is a correct bearish channel flag, then we might have another 10 big figure fall from .93 -> 0.83 level???

  2. You made a good call on putting trailing stop at for thought that if the chinese pmi comes in lower we will see 88 and rangy till rba interest rate announcement.not seeing aud going up just ranges would be ideal and perhaps a bid after the announcement.

  3. All set for a weekly close below 90cents for my awful long trade,really hoping the NFP’s are anti-dollar.That is life in the Markets anyway.Win some,lose some.

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