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AUD/USD: Cancelling my additional sell orders

I’m still running a small short position in the AUD/USD but I really dislike these momentum-less markets. I’ve cancelled my additional sell orders at 1.0510 and will simply sit back now and hope to be ready to react if/when an opportunity arises.

I’m sure we’ve had markets like these at times before but I honestly cannot remember them.

  1. Good day sean,
    now im worried.I actually triggered shorts at 1.0480 with a widish stop losses but on a much longer term hoping for markets to price in interest rate cuts. quite a few analysts including youself have been calling for these.wouldnt this be this ideal time to pile into your shorts..or am i missing something?
    thank you.
    ( my yesterdays short term long trade was tragic.stopped out by a pip and then the boener related algo pump drove it all the way up :(..brutal leveler this market)

  2. Yes,i was hoping to take some there and if im lucky in the 380’s. But how long do you suppose these abnormally thin ranges will hold for Sean??..somethings got to give right?..and if anything i would expect a break to the downside.

  3. I’ve been saying that for weeks if not months Rahul, I’ve seldom seen such tight ranges. I do remember one period back in the mid 90’s when it was very quiet but then the Asian crisis hit and all hell broke loose. Lets hope something happens be4 Christmas to get us moving, all we need is a ‘surprise’ that the mkt hadn’t expected and then off we go

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