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AUD/USD: Booking partial profits from yesterday

I remain bearish on the AUD but with EUR/USD approaching Sovereign bids near 1.3000, I’m happy to book some AUD/USD profits from yesterday. I wouldn’t be recommending longs any time soon but booking some profits to finish the week is never a bad idea.

I’m still long USD/CHF and that trade is looking much healthier and EUR/AUD continues to build nicely.

  1. Heya sean, I took a short yesterday at 250 with a 310 stop. Took partial profit during the NY session. Parity is just too close at this point to go untested. I’ll be holding the rest of my position for that test.

    Thanks for the heads up on the algo’s misplay yesterday. Their mispricing provided a great short opportunity.

  2. Well done Nooz, starting the day with 150 pips in the bag is always a nice feeling. Keep close eye on AUD/JPY today, I have a feeling the Yen crosses might go mental

  3. Will do, the yen crosses do seem to be in interesting spots right now. AUD-EUR-NZD majors are all hovering at big support levels while their yen crosses sit at resistance levels you’d think would be broken on a U/J rally above 100.

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