AUD,NZD/Flows and Orders/FXWW News

AUD/USD: Bit more on where the big orders are sitting; heavy stops reported from PB source

  • Our friend Milan over at OrderFlowTrading is reporting US investment house offers at .9330 (remember that .9325 is prior lows and now technical resistance).
  • FXWW888 reports quite heavy stops from hedge fund community starting at .9310 (done already) through .9340.
  • FXWW303 says that Asian interbank order books were relatively light on stop-loss front.
  • But interestingly, a good source at a big prime broker tells me that trailing stops are extremely heavy at .9340, .9375 and .9400.

Recent history over last few sessions would suggest that we get another 100 pip day between .9230/.9330 but you never know.

  1. I can imagine the carnage if aussie rallies to .9380/90. From the flow of it I think everyone will just want to get out of the way if the thing starts to rally.What a magical sight that would be 🙂

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