AUD,NZD/JPY crosses/Trade Ideas

AUD/USD back near .9400 again; EUR/JPY still with bit of topside potential.

  • AUD/USD: The first attempt at cracking strong technical support at .9390 failed earlier this morning and it looks like we’re about to have another crack once Europe gets up and running.
  • EUR/JPY: Triggered trailing stops above 129.50 this morning and is still hanging around this level suggesting to me that we might have another try on the topside first.

With USD/JPY looking reasonably well supported, I’m thinking we might have a session or two of bullish USD moves, at least I hope so as I’d really like to reinstate my long position and buy dips in the cable back towards 1.5350ish.

  1. Hi Sean, any upside targets for GBPCHF? 1.4400 support was tested again and held last Friday, which is a good sign. If the pair can decisively break the falling triangle pattern that would really open the upside…
    Also I sent you my twitter account info for fxww888. Thanks!

  2. re GBP/CHF, I’m still stubbornly of the belief that the CHF needs to readjust like the AUD and JPY have; if they do then 165 ish is achievable in this cross in medium term

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