AUD,NZD/Technical Analysis

AUD/USD and AUD/JPY technicals updated

I’ve updated these technicals via the marvels of Twitter and they are also available in the members section.

  1. Good evening Sean,

    Thanks for the email. During Asian session, the level has held at 1.3255 on EUR/USD.The momentum seems flat ?? Well done for the booking partial profit 😉

  2. Apologies Papillon, was away for a while. Yes profit is always nice. Talk of possible big cable buyers but I’m bit wary. Think 13270/13320 holding range EUR/USD and then higher

  3. Sean,

    According to you, what are the requirements to add the position on EUR/USD ? Is it correct if wait the break above 1.3320 and then i confirm this level by waiting 2 candles (1H chart) ?

  4. Play by feel Papillon, I’d add near 13270 now with stops below 13250 for total or if 13320 breaks, then look for smaller dips to add again. Remember target at 13450 ish so don’t be buying too close to there

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