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AUD/USD: Adjusting my trading range lower by 50 pips

I had been looking for consolidation between .9150/.9350 but it looks more likely that we see a .91/.93 range before this pair breaks (higher I still think). I know the big macros are still selling AUD but they were all limit long and wrong at 1.05 so I’m happy to take their cash 🙂

  1. Yeah, I also long a small position of CHFJPY near 103.2, with 40 pips SL, no clearly target,just think It’s very cheap, perhaps 106?……But the most depressed is GBPNZD, I closed it too earlier. It do goes beneath 1.91 just as you tell me! Once again, waste an excellent opportunity you gave me , ai……

  2. Heihei……My account comes more healthier than last year after I followed your blog……I am sure tomorrow will be brighter……Thank you very much for your selfless help, Sean!

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