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AUD/NZD: Stops targeted below 1.1200 in early trade

The EUR is slightly higher across the board after Angela Merkel won the German election, although the prospect of a coalition of sorts might temper bullish enthusiasm. Cable is presently unchanged from it’s Friday close, USD/JPY is a slightly lower at 99.10, and AUD/NZD found some weak unprotected stops below 1.1200 and took them out.

Good luck today.

  1. Aud/Nzd looks sick. My hope of stabilization around 113 did not work, will wait till better basing pattern. As of now I do not see any hurdles on the way down to 1.08, so will leave it.

  2. This pullback is because I’ve just booked a holiday to NZ!

    We recently went to US and the A/U tanked in the lead up to that..

    Now…we’re heading to NZ so expecting AUD/NZD to keep tanking now too! 🙁

    I do see a possible double bottom so it might offer some support but, if that breaks, I think we’ll be packing Vegemite sandwiches to take with us!

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