AUD/NZD: Initial profit target reached

My target at 1.0900 has been reached and I’ve booked initial profits on my long trade.

Now looking for dips back towards 1.0750 to re-enter longs.

  1. Nice trade on the AUD/NZD. Have you take a look at the AUD and NZD vs. the EUR and GBP. I’m seeing a potential top and will be looking at levels to buy AUD and NZD against both.
    Given your expertise in the AUD and NZD arena I was hoping for your thoughts

    thanks very much


  2. Nice one Sean. Has anybody else made money here since last week. Market has been too volatile for my strategy. I have cut the losses but a loss is still a loss.

  3. Elegant trading, Sean, I love it!

    I agree with your comment. Abhi. I have managed to make money on most of my trades since last week however I’ve had to change my strategy quite a bit.

    1. Hi Jean, yeah i go to chat room once in a while, I am not very frequent there. I sneak in there once in a while and look for any golden nuggets 🙂

      Sean usually is very good in summing up here in the blog what’s happening in the chat room.

      I trade all the major currencies except CHF. I do GBPCHF only if i am interested in EURGBP. I don’t do some of the NZD crosses as volatility is too high. Not a big fan of CAD either until Sean wrote about GBPCAD and USDCAD recently.

      I don’t do any of NOK or DKK or TRY or any other minor currencies.

      I hope Sean does not think we stole his thunder by starting our own discussion here 🙂

  4. Absolutely not, please feel free to discuss anything you like on here. And if anyone wants to hook up directly on RM with any other user then let me know and I’ll arrange a details swap- then you can have an open direct line which is very useful as you build trader networks

  5. Hi Bernard, sorry slow reply. Of these crosses you mention, I like the short EUR/AUD trade the best. I still think that the GBP will appreciate sharply in next few months and I expect the AUD to rebound on the crosses. EUR/AUD is at longterm neutral levels above 155 so I prefer to play that from short-side after a big 35 fig rally, looking for retrace to 145/147. Sell rallies imho

  6. Thank you….Along that line I think NZD sets up to me the same way as the AUD as far as its potential to appreciate vs EUR and GBP.

    Appreciate any thoughts


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