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AUD/NZD: Having a peek below 1.1725

No sign of any big sell-off just yet but all of the fun-and-games is in the crosses so best we keep an eye on this pair and a number of others. Just to repeat, stops are rumoured to be quite large in this pair very close to current levels near 1.1725.

  1. Not really Alec. Look at EUR/GBP? Big fall there came primarily through higher GBP/USD so maybe AUD/NZD goes to 11600 with audusd 9050 and nzdusd 7800?

  2. Hi Sean
    I have started tiny long in Aud/NZD… With goal to load more on any downword spikes toward 1.15 region. Overall structure for aud starts to look really ugly so I am getting quite cautious with Countertrend strategies there. But overall chf and jpy are not signalling end of the world so that keeps me hopefull… Aud/chf is another interesting higly spec long here…

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