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AUD/JPY: Sold smalls at 79.59

There is a strong whiff of risk-off sentiment in the air and I think AUD/JPY might be the right pair to trade. I’ve sold the break at 79.60, let’s see how it develops; could turn into a long night!!

  1. Yup, I’ve got my pending order at 79.745. Hopefully when we wake up tomorrow, we’ll get to buy that big penthouse.

  2. I want to signal that one of my most powerfull in-house indicators is showing that the AUDUSD and AUDJPY are turning bearish on a weekly timeframe, PROVIDED that this week we have a closure lower than the open. This usually signals the start of a trend, in other words, bearishness for several weeks to come at least. If we don’t close lower this week, then it will mean the opposite, that is that we are strongly rebounding.

    In parallel, the MACD on weekly also shows that we are around 0 for AUDJPY, which also sometimes gives birth to strong trends.

    I will be looking to add shorts at the end of the week if we have a red candlestick on weekly for AUDJPY/AUDUSD.

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