AUD,NZD/JPY crosses

AUD/JPY: Smashed to 97.50

We’ve been watching it all day and I wish I’d been clever enough to sell the break, but I wasn’t. Trade on the Nikkei was halted limit down a little earlier and AUD/JPY is trading almost 200 pips lower on the session.

This may all be technical selling on the Nikkei and may not roll over into overseas markets but the charts on S&P futures for instance look very dodgy.

  1. Hi Sean, for once there is plenty of action in the Asian time-zone 🙂 I think this is the start of the long awaited correction in USD strength. Nothing goes up in a straight line and the USD was really stretched. I am looking for UJ to fall even more, perhaps down to 100. The Euro and cable should rise in an atmosphere of USD weakness and I’m long GBPUSD here.
    A note on the new site: The site looks great, nice colors and layout. One thing I would really like is to see a timestamp with each post and a comments list somewhere on the home page, as in the old fxlive. Cheers!

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