AUD/JPY pops up after Chinese data

The HSBC China manufacturing PMI came in at 51.9, slightly better than expected.

AUD/JPY is usually seen as the main risk-driven pair in Asian trade. It’s up to mid-session levels near 93.25 after sliding lower earlier this morning on poor post-Apple equity market sentiment.

  1. Hi, Sean. I can see AUD is rising well against JPY. Do you think it’s too risky to short AUD at 94.25? Thanks mate for your time 🙂

  2. Also to let you know mate that I offloaded some of my GBP/NZD long. Even though I am still carrying some of them and will wait till 1.86. I hope it should retrace form there at least. If not, I have to sell them to maintain my account. And from now, I will be in your category not to trade NZD ever …..howsoever promising it might be looking.

    Regards, Pete

  3. Hi Pete, I like the sell rally idea in AUD/JPY in shortish term. Not 100% on what correct levels are, best watch n wait I think.
    Good luck with NZD. Keep the position as small as you can until you get a good feel for when move is going to happen. Don’t let one bad idea blow you up.

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