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AUD/JPY: Looks like some short-term stops were triggered above 82.70

     I’m sorry to be so cynical but it seems like the only reason the market can find for moving is to try and trigger stop-loss orders. I suspect that there were some sitting above 82.70 in AUD/JPY, as I don’t see any other reason for buying (apart from a small rise in the Nikkei).

  1. Looks like for the past week AUD has been being bought. Maybe some quarter end squaring of positions? Seems plausible as Japan Year end is soon to make profit? What’s your take Sean-the masterful one?

  2. I feel punch drunk, all this up and down, risk on and off. I’m really not sure about anything anymore. I’ll stick with sell-big-rallies in AUD but conviction is medium low

  3. just look at the daily of AUD/JPY up 80 pips, down 90, up 100….seems like some good turnover in the 82 area. Any word if turnover has been high?

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