AUD/JPY jumps sharply in early Tokyo

I could say that it was my previous post which caused some big players to consider booking profits 🙂 but we will put that one down to coincidence. Moderate technical resistance at 98.00 but this market is short so watch out for more short-covering rallies.

  1. Good morning, Sean! I must say that you are much much more accurate than any other analysis system I have ever seen! Thank you for your trading idea of AUDJPY ! I am still hold the long position from 97. But unfortunately enough that my buy limit order at 0.9585 was not executed by the broker in the quick move of AUDUSD. I have to look for other opportunity to buy…….Thank you!

  2. Hi Sean, good day, read your post last few day noted that you are bearish to AUDNZD,
    but how your vies right now, r this consider as bottom, or it will fall more, and curious that you have trade EURNOK? I been long this pair at 7.51, I’m bullish to this pair, but no sure how far it can go? thanks

  3. Nice Yue. I only look for obvious risk-reward trade opportunities. Many people always want to have a view or a position, this is a big mistake I think.

    1. Yeah, I used to be that kind of man! Directly enter a trade with sense, impulse or personal bias. If lucky enough, it will be 50:50 winning rate; but in most cases, is 10:90 winning rate…….Now I will not do that silly anymore.

  4. Hi Jack, remember that I usually lose money when I trade NZD 🙂 Keep that in mind when I say that I’m still bearish AUD/NZD; think we trade 11750/12000 now for few weeks before turn lower towards 11500.
    As for EUR/NOK, I’ve never ever traded it.

    1. Haha, noted that, due to yesterday been stop out by AUDNZD, but this morning see the daily chart seen like the reverse, so just curious that am i entry too early or misjudge this pair? thanks for your view

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