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AUD/JPY: Down 125 pips from this morning’s open

This pair is really starting to follow technical rules and is worth following for further signals. This morning’s open at 99.50 was at a very strong resistance level and we have fallen 125 pips now from there. The Australian stock-market is almost 2% lower and the Nikkei has gone from +3% to flat in the last 45 minutes.

  1. Hi Sean, like you said yen crosses rule all risk assets now, back to the Ro-Ro days? I was able to get in some AJ shorts at 9940, but too small to matter much anyway. I simply didn’t have the stomach to build a large position on Friday!

  2. Txs Jasper, like I’ve just said to someone else I feel 20 kg lighter after off loading cable and reducing Swissy; not it feel;s like I can make proper trading decisions, not panicky ones

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