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AUD/JPY: Bulls and bears both remain hopeful

  • Important daily support at 96.90 was confirmed, giving bulls hope that the medium-term up-trend can regain control.
  • The short-term bear trend is also in control and the trend-line comes in now just above 100.00.
  • Should be plenty of volatility in this pair so be patient and wait until prices reach extremes of this range (currently right in the middle).
  1. Nice trade Lam-son, well done. Personally I’d wait a while and see what happens at 9580. Looks like we will get a test but if prices stall 9560/70, then may be look to buy??

  2. AUD/JPY is trading around 98.2 at the moment, down from 99.00 late last night.. would you expect it to bounce back up to the 99.00 mark again and resist there or ? It’s been over a week since it broke the 1.00, not sure how to take that in.

  3. Right in middle of 97/100 range Steven so its complete coin toss as to which way it goes next. Impossible to guess with an degree of accuracy. I’ve posted a chart in the members section which shows how much flux this pair is in

  4. Last Q for the morning (promise)..

    The AUD is down to .9566, based on what I think I understand, now would be a good time to buy some AUD for some intraday bounce or buy and go long?

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