AUD,NZD/Technical Analysis

AUD well bid on back of asset manager demand

Well I did warn you! Forget everything else today, it’s all about end-of-quarter flows which are heavily AUD positive. Next technical resistance is at 1.0420 but I think we might see higher levels later today and I’m hoping to re-sell my purchases from last night closer to 1.0450/60.

  1. Hi Sean, I was following you at F/L website. I’m happy to locate your new address 🙂 What should I do to be a member here?

  2. Hi Sean. It’s great to see you again! I was still waiting for you to come back from your holidays from the other website. And then I discovered that you are here.

  3. Hi Sean, i access your website through twitter as it immediately informs that a new analysis is here..but i couldn’t find some of the it possible that you plz have all your wonderful/brilliant analysis link on twitter as well..just a request..thanks.

  4. Thanks Jones (but surely that’s a surname, what’s the first?? 🙂 ) The hols dragged on for a few months longer than expected but feels good to get back in the chair. My trading seems to improve 200% when I do lots of research and then write my thoughts down. I’ll not be doing as much news reports, really just trader stuff, ideas, strategies etc

  5. Harsh but fair Vikas 🙂 That an old dinosaur like me is on Twitter at all is huge progress 🙂 Agreed, I’ll try and remember to put all the headlines up on Twitter immediately. In fact it’s so easy to do, all I got to remember is to push the button!

  6. The members section is still an idea in progress but there will be access to more ideas/strategies from professional traders, plus some info that I’d rather keep off the open internet, plus another few ideas which are safer to implement if done thru a ‘club’ structure. Very early days and I’m still having plenty of tech issues so not making too many promises

  7. That is my first name. I haven’t met another Jones so I’m probably the only one in Sydney and definitely the only one on this site. I would also like to thank you for improving my trading. I used to look at candle bars only. Then one day you mentioned one of your friends use P&F charts. I researched into that, it’s brilliant and I’ve never looked back again!

  8. Apologies Jones, I’ll definitely remember that now. Yeah the old P&F charts, every trader used to have massive rolls of chart paper sellotaped together with 30 pip reversal charts. It certainly gave me a great feel for the price action by filling those charts in laboriously. I know the new chart systems are magnificent but the old German saying ‘aus dem hand in der Verstand” out of the hand into the brain still has plenty of merit

  9. No worries Sean. Everyone asks me if Jones is my first name. It gets better when I tell them how I got my name. I use P&F in a completely different way. No trend lines, no special patterns. Just draw horizontal lines. It gives me a whole new perspective on how the institutional players play the game.

  10. Hi Sean, I’ve always appreciated your commentary and market insights on FL and I am glad to have rediscovered your new home. I’d like to know more about your membership program as well. regards.

  11. Hi Sean

    I am so happy to find you again with same old wise insights. I was following you on FL but lost you there and wasnt sure if you are still on holiday or quit. I do not trade actively and learning this thing slowly and occasionally take few small punts – so far all were winning – luckily. can you pls tell me more about your membership program?


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