AUD targets trailing stops

I’m pretty comfortable with the fact that I closed my EUR/AUD longs as the AUD certainly feels oversold and tight trailing stops start to go off.

  1. That was some ride you got there. I fancy a risky long on Aud/usd but reluctant to get in due to the thin market as eu is mostly on holiday.

  2. cheers Sean.Im still long on usd/chf.
    about usd/jpy, it is difficult to determine the level to short. accepted the fact the trying to catch the top is never going to happen. Instead shorting this at 103.50 and again at 103.75 just not to miss it.

  3. Sean
    This might be out of topic in this thread but lookinging at GBP/NZD, it is very appealing. I know you dont want to touch NZD for all eternity but will be good to hear your thoughts.

  4. I’ve been very bullish on this pair for last few weeks but have left it alone due to my no-NZD no-CAD stance; stubborn but I’ve learnt my lesson.
    Also wud be tempted to book $Yen profits near 104 aqnd get back in if it breaks

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