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AUD: Plenty of support levels nearby

  • AUD/USD: Previously pivotal resistance at .9320/50 should now provide strong support (see chart);
  • AUD/NZD: Marginal, stop-driven, push below 1.1200 this morning but this is still an important level;
  • AUD/JPY: Somewhat overbought based on steepness of up-trend but prior resistance at 93.00 does provide initial support (see chart);
  • EUR/AUD: Neckline of double-top comes in at 1.4450 (see previous story).
  1. Hi sean, quite a few traders and analysts are bullish on the aus/usd. but If stocks take a hammering in the coming week (the DJIA seems poised that way) we could see this getting smashed lower too. wat do you think. I have technicals reasons to be bearish as acc to me the correction ended at 0.9520

  2. yea sean, iv been selling aus at these rates. i think the down side can give away real quick if equities go down.and thats wat im betting on.I thought euro would open higher, it did not. and yen pairs seem heavy. so my short equity short aussie play seems to be playing out.we’ll see.

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