AUD,NZD/Flows and Orders

AUD: May be heavy on Monday morning after Chinese data

  • Chinese trade data showed a marked reduction in activity and this could give the bears another reason to sell AUD on Monday morning (as if they need another one!).
  • EUR/AUD rose by 600 pips last week on the back of one big buy order.
  • AUD/USD has stalled at .9430 on two occasions and there were reports that a particularly powerful Asian central bank was buying there.
  • AUD/JPY continues to get hammered but some of the big Japanese investors were noted buyers on Friday afternoon blow 91.00.
  1. “EUR/AUD rose by 600 pips last week on the back of one big buy order.”

    600pips on one order?
    ah come on? where from this info is coming sean?
    and what’s the reliability …surely dubious?

  2. I wonder if you would have been a millionaire Sean had you held your eur/aud longs. you certainly have the patience to hold trades for a long time. so you could have held for one more month.Having said that is it heading to 1.4080 or back to 1.35

  3. Thought I’d leave some crumbs for the rest Nachiket 🙂 Still goes higher overall I think but the heavily oversold sense that I felt at 122/124 has now been dealt with. Easy money has been made in this pair, time to look elsewhere

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