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AUD: Looking heavy on the crosses

  • EUR/AUD closed back above it’s previous pivot at 1.4750.
  • AUD/JPY fell vertically at times yesterday.
  • AUD/USD was stalled by Sovereign bids yesterday ahead below .9040 but has failed to bounce much.

I remain long of AUD/USD with a stop below .8950 as I feel we will get extended range trading between .90/.93 ahead of the general election. The present risk environment is obviously against this trade but excessive short-positioning and the risk-reward ratio are both in my favour.

  1. Hi Sean,

    Is there any possibility gbpaud is forming double top at 1.733? Sorry for a novice question. By the way, i managed to book my first over 100 pips profit in audusd trade recently. Thanks to your precious guide.


  2. Good to hear Muhammad. Stay patient, wait for another good risk-reward opportunity to make 100 pips, and make that your trading strategy. 2 trades per week, 1 right and 1 wrong, make 100 pips lose 40 pips. That’s the way to make money swing trading but you need patience. definitely possible but v early days, first needs to form daily top below 17350, but worth watching, thanks

  3. Sean,

    Thank you very much. The most important lesson i learn after following your blog is your patient to wait for the right timing which, in contrast, is my big weakness. I really owe you.


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