AUD hanging onto gains, quiet elsewhere

AUD/NZD has given back some of its earlier gains after the break above 1.2575 but AUD/JPY is sitting on session highs, near chart resistance at 80.90. The Nikkei is up nearly 1% and the latest production numbers from Rio Tinto look pretty good, both factors lending support to the AUD.

  1. Good morning Sean,

    I have been busy this morning, no time to post. Do you have any idea where the sellers are located in EURUSD and AUDUSD?

  2. Big German bank selling decent amounts right here at 13000, much heavier offers near 13050 and that’s the place to sell I reckon.
    AUD/USD large sellers starting 10315/20 but also talk large stops above 10340 so careful if it starts moving fast++

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