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AUD bottom pickers: Time to admit defeat

I’ve taken my loss in AUD/JPY and it would not surprise me if my stop-loss level at 89.83 turns out to be the low! No matter, gotta put your stop somewhere and I’m not a big enough believer to run it any further. I’ll wait for other opportunities but I don’t fancy trading this side of the FOMC so it may be a quiet 24 hours for me.

  1. Also stopped out of AUDUSD just below the figure for a small loss. Will also stand aside till FOMC.

    Still well ahead courtesy of your great call on the EURJPY, Sean. Thanks!

  2. hehe i also got stopped out at 83 and i got precisely the same feeling …. but you are absolutely right Sean take small losses and score big time!

  3. Stopped out of AUDCHF, hi Sean, any thought why CHF look so strong, are market predict that SNB wouldn’t changed anything and price in now?? (I’m noticed that some bank been call possibility for negative rate), but seen like won’t happen now

  4. I see where FXWW888 was reporting some heavy USD/CHF selling Jack but that’s the only flows that I have heard. Must admit I’m falling out of sync with the mkt, never a nice feeling

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