AUD,NZD/EUR/USD/FXWW News/GBP crosses/Open/Wrap/Trade Ideas

Asian market open, Thursday September 12th


FXWW Asia Open Briefing 12-09-2013

  • Possible double-bottom on cable with neckline at 1.5750, looks very constructive indeed and my initial t/p target is at 1.6300;
  • EUR/USD has moved higher supported by dip-buyers in crosses like EUR/AUD and EUR/GBP;
  • USD/JPY has disappointed the bulls again by moving back below 100 and I still prefer the buy-big-dip play here although the levels are a bit unclear;
  • RBNZ shortly.

Good luck today.

  1. Hi sean
    Isnt there a strong resistance at current levels 1.5830? Remember the Fall from 1.6320 stopped there and had another bounce higher before the great fall to 1.48…
    However given the reports out from the uk for the past 2 month gbp shoulda been in the range u mentioned a while back 1.7! I am amazed its still at current levels…
    What rate did u get in to the long?

  2. I don’t see any reason for it to stop now Alan, it’s a matter of being patient and seeing when the move starts to run out of steam. I was stopped out on my first attempt at building longs so that has affected my average entry somewhat but I’m not complaining, I have an excellent position now so it becomes a matter of not stuffing it up 🙂

  3. Morning Sean, im regreting not taking a short at 100.6, every bome in my body was saying do it, but market chatter and the risk just seemed to much a the time, Anyways, the Nikkei looks lost, its either heading to 14100 or the 14700 point, im hoping for it to shed a few points then start to cruze towards the 14700 mark, but after today, Just not sure! Any news for your sources or any personal insight for todays range, are you expecting a breach of 99.7-99.6 today?

  4. Will do Sean, Thanks 🙂 also sean, i havnt traded another pair for months literally but you mentioned in your other post your long gbp/usd for 1.63. Then 1.7, you think it can get there buy the end of this year, or just to 1.63? (You got me interested in trying a long for this pair, i dont watch anything other then usd/jpy, or trade anything else, but is Sean Lee is going long, Then i want in as well)

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