Asian market open, Monday January 7th

You can click though here and read my full opening commentary on FX Street.

  1. USD/JPY levels iam watching:

    88.40 (50% from 101.4 to 75.6)

    88.96 (38.2% from 110.7 to 75.6)

    89.61 (23.6% from 135.1 to 75.6)

  2. Good evening Sean,

    I am back to FX market. I guess for this new week, you will look for a entry point on EUR/JPY ? Of course for a short ;-).

  3. Morning Papillon. Once again I proved the old adage “better lucky than good” by selling at the absolute ding-dong this morning so that makes life much easier 🙂 We stalled at 11490/00 for long time mid-session so I’d suggest that is good level to try and sell. If it starts falling fast then shut your eyes and jump on, as it might be a fast rollercoaster ride 🙂

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