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Asian market open, Friday September 13th

FXWW Asia Open Briefing 13-09-2013

  • USD/JPY was stuck like glue to 99.50 with some big options rolling off;
  • AUD/USD steadied after poor jobs data but still looks heavy on the crosses;
  • Cable is consolidating below option protection at 1.5850 and above the double-bottom neckline at 1.5750;
  • EUR/USD trading sideways.

Good luck today and TGIF, even if it is Friday the 13th!

  1. Morning Sean, As i posted Yesterday I was sure the Nikkei futures would either go to 14700 or 14100 range by today, and although my Heart wanted it to go north, my Head said it would go south so I went Short on usd/jpy and it went down to 99 (YEAH 🙂 ) and the Nikkei reached 14130 approx, since then it has risen, and it looks like sour grape to me again so I think its going to go back to 14100 again today, but Sean do you think the usd/jpy will go lower again today, Whats your range? (Any possibilities of 98.7-6 in the future?)

  2. Looking at crosses like AUD/JPY, I’d favour more downside in s/t for USD/JPY. Large stops below 9860 will prove magnetic in coming days I think so I prefer sell rally now towards 100.10/20 with stops above 10070. Otherwise, patience reqd or else jump in on momentum move and watch closely with tight stops? Usual day-trader stuff

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