Asian market open

Yon can click through here and read my full opening comments on FX Street.

  1. Hi sean, odds seem high that there could be a significant pullback (profit taking) on the yen crosses? ..i exited my longs( on the pairs) yesterday not wanting to be caught in these illiquid markets hoping to re enter next week.How do you think it will pan out?

  2. at this age a 20 minute break is more than refreshing :D..iv taken a short on usd/jpy at 82.48 with an extremely tight s/l at 82.65 (61.8 % retracement of the fall from yesterdays well for me)..
    im hoping to renter parial longs in the low 82’s and if im really lucky in the mid 81’s.
    I know trading counter trend to especially sharp moves is anathema but im ready to sacrifise a small part of my profits to make a quick buck.

  3. Morning Sean,
    Asia session has been holding EUR/USD, EUR/GBP (above daily MA200). It seem that its pairs become optimist until to the EZ meeting on monday. I guess, it’s not the right to short at this level.

  4. There are certain to be stops above barrier at 12900 but there are also sell orders reported 12910 ish. I’d be patient, wait until a s/l rally runs and then try and enter when rally seems exhaustive. I’d guess 12925ish perhaps but best see how mkt develops first imho

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