Asian market open

You can read my opening commentary on FX Street.

  1. hi, there was a uk clearer and macrofund early european session selling eu at 1.3066 and commerze bank orderbook has more sellers than buyers all the way to 1.2880. what are the investment banks saying? nice one on the audusd sell orders

  2. One European inv bank is very bullish indeed and thinks we go to 136, they’re saying that buyers still dominate overall with next lvl of buyers at 12970 (these same guys who bought 1 bill at 13080).

  3. wow, thats a lot, you think that will skew the tide to the upside? that a lot of money to invest in a trade when you are not so sure about it

  4. no this will not be speculative-based trade, it will be either corp, real-money or Sovereign buyers, or likely a mix of all 3. None of the big inv banks take any large prop risk anymore

  5. Not that I’ve heard Maji, but its come 1000 pips off the lows and hedge funds were furiously buying near 125 so I’m guessing that plenty of them will be booking profits especially after possible double-top?

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