Asian market open

You can click through here to read my opening comments on FX Street.

  1. Morning Sean, How long does it take to get an account with FX Street? I signed up but cannot get in as waiting for acceptance, I would like to see the Webinar today thanks

  2. I thought it was instantaneous Vivien, maybe they’ve been flattened by the vast numbers of applications 🙂 Not! It will be posted on their site for next few months so you can listen in at any time. Might be a better option just in case I stuff up the technical side 🙂

  3. Sean, you’re absolutely right! „EUR/USD finished the day in the middle of a fairly tight range, despite all the commotion, and the market is unable to generate any sustained momentum in one direction.”
    This has become a very frustrating thing. Many traders have been struggling with this. Here’s an article I stumbled upon today:
    Funny thing is either you’re short on euro or you’re long on it, there doesn’t seem to be any conviction in either direction.

  4. OK, I see. Well, there’s a reason it’s worth being a market maker. Sean, what do you see in eur/usd? Range trading continues? Where would you put the bottom & the top? What are your sources saying? Thanks!

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