Asian market open

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  1. Good morning, Sean!
    I know you not so welcome to trade in CAD, just now thought over actions in USD/CAD, to buy pair didn’t decide, made the decision to sell from 0.9976, I will stop losses above 1.0047 why so, the thorn to the area 1.0036 (approximately), my purpose about 0.9600 is possible. Such my look for medium-term trade of USD/CAD was created and such position in this pair will be open by me. Certainly while early to tell about it, but here such opinion. It is possible to note 🙂
    Cable, I wait the purpose for sale 1.6177, as well as spoke earlier, is in pound purchases a little.
    Successes to you, Sean! Thanks for your comments and a look, everything is very professional.

  2. Thank you Serga, still a few issues here and there on the site but we are slowly getting them sorted 🙂 You are right, I don’t trade CAD at all as I’ve never had much luck with it but nice to hear that you are well in the money. I hope you have continued good luck

  3. I have no clear target at moment, just wait and see how trade develops. If a perfect storm develops, I think it could move sharply but firstly it’s gotta start moving my way be4 I start worrying about profits 🙂

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