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FXWW Asia Open Briefing 20-09-2013

  1. Morning Sean, over the course of the past 24 hours or so I have made a little over 100 pips (thank you for the advice) but now im looking at USD/JPY and once again it has left me dumbfounded. My instinct is telling me that some time today we will try to reach 99.8 and the try and breach 100 especially with the Jap becoming more vocal, and looking at the Nikkei (im bull Nikkei today) its should go higher, but still, i have a gut instinct that tells me, if not today, by monday or tuesday we will be back in the 98 zone. anyways, whats your interday resistance for today?

    And just a side comment, Sean i always check fxww.com at this time cause i know you have posted something by this time, but on fxstreet none of your links from your postings redirect the people to the charts and pdfs, i noticed this for the past 2 days, maybe you wanna give a link to the page when you post there or check out whats going on, just a heads up. keep up the great work, really appreciate it 🙂

    1. What a stupid policy, there was a time I use to go there daily at 5:30pm Canadian time to read only what you posted specifically, One day i decided to come to your site because of the posts, and this then I’ve been addicted to this site, By far the briefings you use to post in the past, and now these briefings can not be compared to anything else out there, they’re informative, to the point, and a great guide! I just thought if people cant click on them and therefore cant read FXWW’s views they might not get addicted to you like I am and will not know what their missing out on. Maybe you should copy and paste the briefings instead of posting the links, I hope i dont sound negative, but you have such a talent and hold of this subject matter I want everyone to know about this site and read its content!

    1. Hi Kumar, my range for next few weeks is 158/163 and I remain very bullish. Patience still required imho, we could see it below 160 so don’t want to guess s/t bases just yet

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