Asian market open

FXWW Asia Open Briefing 10-09-2013

Modest short-covering seen in some of the EUR crosses overnight and I’d again look to pairs like EUR/AUD for flow-driven volatility during the Asian session. USD/JPY has steadied near 99.50 which will be pleasing for the bulls and the liklihood is that we get another push higher in coming sessions.

Good luck today.

  1. Morning Sean , what’s your feeling about cable ? Break higher or correct lower ? Personally i feel the move overstretched and i’d like to see the rally correcting lower and then i’ll probably see it higher. Technically a healthy break higher will target over 1.62 , and the odds don’t look so good with the taper drama around the corner.

  2. morning Sean, the Nikkei looks kinda sick right now, you have any clues for today’s range? I mean i dont think were going to go really high today atleast, Also Sean i’ve been meaning to ask you when does the trial membership end and later how will i get to register to pay for a viewing subscription for the chat room?

  3. Morning Adrian. I’m still happy to stay long despite the big resistance levels close by. The retail mkt seems to be quite short and all it will take is 1 more piece of good news and we will be trading above 1.58. Timing is everything as we know, but r/r still favours bulls in my very biased opinion

  4. Morning Abdullah, Re chat-room, still ironing out some technical issues so we will not start charging until that’s fixed. Plus we are setting up some side rooms which allow people to make comments.
    Re USD/JPY, sorry no strong view at all on intraday ranges. Sit n wait as usual. Will tweet if I see anything interesting

  5. Hey Sean, thanks for the info regarding the chatroom, i really was comcerned as it really helps me plan my trades based on the info there and didnt want to miss out! And as for this pair, yeah i guess im going to sit out for a bit from placing any trades, dont want to do anything stupid and next thing I know I’ll be stuck between a rock and a hard place!

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