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Asian market open

FXWW Asia Open Briefing[1]

First impressions are that I prefer to be long USD/JPY and to buy dips in the Yen crosses. Good luck today.

  1. Morning Sean,I have a question, I haven’t been trading long enough to know exactly what happens in situations like this, when a possible US strike on a country takes place. I have BEEN reading all day and so many technicians have their theories, but i wanted to ask, how low can this pair fall if there is an Attack? There was a article on Reuters that the UN inspectors that went to Syria are pretty much convinced that the Rebels used Sirin gas not Assad, But I figured you don’t move 4 Heavy duty war ships to an Area unless you going to do something. So if an American Missile is launched this week or next, do you think we might Breach the 95.8 point, cause all of these technicians with this 93.7/92.8 talk are making me Nervous!! I was so happy with the Good Old 105-110 talk!

  2. Morning Abdullah, there are no rules which you can always rely on and my adivce is always that if you are unsure what the mkt reaction might be, then avoid trading for a while. Geo-political event risk is a constant in all financial mkts but if I were to worry about each event, then I’d never trade.

  3. Hey Sean, Well I can tell that you and the Gentleman in the Chatroom will do just fine, because You, FXWW888, Milan and the others have just been discussing and trading opinions regarding all different pair action without seeming to be really phased with this one event! I guess I just had my first case of Newbie Jitters 🙂 I’ll just wait for a Dip!

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