FXWW News/Open/Wrap

Asian market open, Wednesday August 28th

Thanks to Milan in the chat-room for this FXWW Asia Open Briefing, I’m sure he won’t mind me nicking it 🙂


  1. Sean, since everything has gone Crazy b/c of Syria, I have to ask, how low do you think this pair will gooo??? Also, since 97 has been putting up quite the resistance, do you think we might head north 30-40 pips before sailing back down South? and Milan did a great Job, I read it the second he posted it in the chatroom.

  2. Cheers Abdullah, I’ll pass on the compliments 🙂 Getting close to base of wedge consolidation so prefer to buy USD/JPY 9675ish with stops below 9630. Usual August whippy mkts

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